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Breaking the Mindset Of Standard Indians “Boys Don’t Wear Nailpolish”

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Boys Don’t Wear Nail Polish’ is a short film made by Siddharth Chauhan. Siddharth Chauhan is an independent filmmaker from Shimla.

Gender roles are the social and behavioral norms considered appropriate in social situations for people of different genders.

This film  is about the mindset of standard  Indians where gender is influenced in the mind of children right from their birth.

Boys Don’t Wear Nailpolish’ has won the Best Film Award at the International Short Film Festival of Kerala.

Carolina Theatre Group, Unites States had invited it for a special screening in October, 2015.

The film has won the ‘Gold Halo Award’ at the SCRIPT International Short Film Festival-2014. It was also screened at Delhi International Film Festival-2013.

You can watch the film here :

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