Kya Ho Tum Mere Liye By Honey Hardy

“Kya Ho Tum Mere Liye” is a hindi music video by Optical zoom productions, its a hindi song beautifully sung by Honey Hardy, Directed by Shubham Kanwar...


Bezuban By Gagan

Bezuban is a hindi song, sung and composed by Gagan. Its a hindi romantic song. Music by Naresh & Rohit and Starring Rohit, Kelly, Naresh, Lovly, Rajat...

Music News

Zeher By Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana is a blissful Musician from Himachal. After successful release of Neela Rang in 2013, Fikar and Mitti di khushbu in 2014, The Pahari boy Abhishek...

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