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Chand Toh Sohna, 2nd Nahth Bhajj Song Released

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Almost after one and half moth of the release of the first song by JMD Productions, here come the second track from the film Nahth Bhajj. The first song ‘Mili o Gaye‘ was released on 27 October 2015. Lyrically this second song sounds more like a

Pahari song than that of the first track they had released ‘Mili o gaye’. So is the film going to release in March or not, that’s still a suspense. But the songs and trailer of the film has already made a mark in people’s mind. Specially the first song have become a favourite track for many people after JMD productions uploaded it’s MP3 on net and gave the track to people free of cost. Thousands of downloads have been recorded before the release of this second song.

Talking about the second song, this one is also a very soothing track and people are going to like too. The video looks good but not as good as that of the first one. Seems like the entire song was shot in one single location. But it doesn’t matter to audience where is it shot if the track attracts them more. They are now looking forward for the film release as the dates has not been announced from the JMD Productions yet.

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  • Well Done Meenakshi nice roll in first Movie our best wishes with you and all NAHTH BHAJJ Himachali Movie Team upcoming Himachali Movie Nahth Bhajj watching in Multiplex Cinema Excited when will release date March 2016

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