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Chandniya Raata Ra Nazara By Pankaj Badra- Teaser

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Astonishing Innovation, Pankaj Shyam Lal Badra from the mystical land of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh has released his teaser “Chandniya Raata Ra Nazara”, The folk song was written sometime in 1960’s.

After a huge success of a song “Bekaar Kutte” of “Buddha In Traffic Jam“, Pankaj is coming up with a Pahari folk song, which describes the innate beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal has been always described as a heaven of Himalayas. The people of Himachal are simple and deeply rooted in the tradition with passion for music and dancing.

“Chandniya Raata Ra Nazara” a traditional folk song, Filmed by First Frame,  lead vocals/chorus/Harmonica By Pankaj Badra, Directed by Surinder M. Talwar & Ajay Vikrant, Edited by Ajay Vikrant, Conept & production design: Surinder M. Talwar.

Starring with Pankaj Badra, Chetan Thakur, Paras Attri, Priyanka, Pallavi Shyam, Pratibha Thakur, Arun Sharma, Venkat Verma and Manjeet Kanwar.

Video has been shot in serene surroundings of Himachal  Pradesh which reveals the dazzeling beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

Its a Pahari traditional song and  will be released soon, with eminence Music by the team. We can see a blazing future of Music industry in hill state.. Looking undoubtedly for the release of “Chandniya Raata Ra Nazara”. The Teaser is already out on Youtube. Best Wishes to the Team.


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