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The Cinema halls are still waiting for a Himachali film to be released

Cinema Halls Himachal
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We don’t have enough cinema halls in Himachal but still the available screens are still waiting for the first Himachali film to be screened in any of these screens. Till today not even a single films was able to make it to the big screens.

A few films have been produced in the past few years but they have disappointed the viewers. They were not technically sound enough to make a way to distributors’ heart. Later on these films were released in either through DVD’s or online in youtube channels.

These films have attracted thousands of viewers online but couldn’t leave the impression of a good film. Now the viewers have hopes from two upcoming films in Pahari Language titled ‘Nahth Bhajj’ & ‘Saanjh‘ which are scheduled to be released this year. But none of these two filmmakers have announced the release dates yet. People have doubts in their minds if these films will make it to the cinema halls or not. Will these films end the wait or will not.

‘Nahth Bhajj’ was about to be scheduled to released in November 2015 but the producer didn’t. Later on the producer made an announcement in their facebook page that film will be released in March but even after the the month passed there is no news about the film even till today. Although they had released the songs of the film in their youtube channel but later on those songs were also blocked.

On the other hand the makers of ‘Saanjh’ has not made any announcement for the release of the film yet. A short tease of the film was released which created excitement among people but then after that there is no news about the film yet. We hope to see some updates from the producers of these films soon.

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