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Kunju-Chanchalo A Folk Song From Chamba

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India is a land of different religions, cultures, languages and so many other diversities.  Folk songs are the add on beauty of any region. Kunju –Chanchalo is one of such  folk songs from hills of Chamba in Himachal Pardesh.

Chamba valley is famous for the magnificence of it’s exquisite natural beauty located amidst picturesque and verdant valleys. This song is based on moving love story of Chanchalo and Kunju -folk heroes of the Gaddis. The Gaddis are shepherds who move their flocks of sheep from lower pastures in winter to higher ones after snow melt.

This song is based on a famous love story of Kunju and Chanchalo. Kunju was a boy of a low caste and Chanchalo, of a higher caste, richer, who lived in a city. They loved each other but Kunju was not treated well in the village. One day they broke all barriers and got married and Kunju went to a distant land to earn a living. The song describes Chanchalo’s waiting for her lover Kunju to return.

Many videos of this folk song are available on YouTube.


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