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Kunju Chanchalo – Himachali Folk Song Acoustic Cover

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Mountain Music Project presents a folk song “Kunju Chanchalo” sung by Vivek Mahajan, an amazing folk singer from hill states.

What comes in our mind when we think of Himachal Pradesh? Snow clad peaks, blue skies, long winding roads, rows of pine trees, gushing rivers and the simple folks with their friendly smiles? Chances are you did not think of their wonderful music at all. But the valley is full of songs that must be heard.

Vivek Mahajan says Growing up here, I was surrounded by songs that told stories of Gaddis, lovers, mothers, sons and brothers who spent their lives here. Sadly though, these songs are slowly fading away.
I wish to attempt at saving the dying folk music of Himachal Pradesh. This is my first cover in this series. It is a beautiful folk song about Kunju and Chanchalo- two star crossed lovers who are often called the Romeo and Juliet of Himachal. Kunju was a low caste Gaddi (Shepherd) boy and Chanchalo was a girl from the higher caste.
Video is already on Youtube and we wish good luck to the team of Mountain Music Project.

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