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Maula – You’ll fall in love with this fantastic Music Video

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#Maula is the latest music video by Silent Hills Studio. The song is sung by Neel Rajpoot, who hails from Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. This is the debut song of Neel Rajpoot. The song Maula is a part of The Music Fever project by Silent Hills Studio. This project was started a few months back to promote and support new singers.

One can witness the splendid performances of Tanu Bhardwaj and Kapil Dev Sharma in this music video. Both of the artists are famous Theatre actors from Himachal. Tanu Bhardwaj is also known for her most appreciated role of Pradhanan in first Himachali film Saanjh. This video is directed by Varad Bhatnagar, a Mumbai based Director-Writer. The cinematography, editing and producer of this song is Ajay Saklani, the producer and director of Saanjh Film.

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