Pyar Daa Sandesh, A Threatening love Story

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“PYAR DAA SANDESH”, a Pahari feature film, a threatening love story of a small village. Story is all about how a boy falls in love with a widower and boy’s parents deny to accept the girl. Story reveals us the woeful mindset of the society, yearning the differences across Cultural and Social disputes.

“PYAR DAA SANDESH” the complete film and the songs of this film is out on Youtube and has been catching many viewers.

This story has been written by Priyanka Sood, Produced by Preeti Sood (Aims & Ambitions Media), Directed by Paramanand Kori, Music by Surinder Negi.

Starring with Hemant Sharma, Parul Sood, Ram Mehar Jandha, Kapil Sharma, Priyanka Sood and Guddi Sharma.

You can enjoy this film on your Youtube channel with complete HD quality. We are looking positively for some more Pahari film in the region. We congratulate and wish good luck to the complete team of  “PYAR DAA SANDESH” .

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