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Snow Leopard Presents Vasl By Bharat Chauhan

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With the huge success of many music videos now Rajeev thakur has something electrifying for us. One by one every music video of Rajeev thakur has something new in the trend.

Now Snow leopard productions has again come up with another phenomenal Music videoVASL”.

Lyrics and composition by Bharat Chauhan, Direction by Rajeev Thakur, DOP Gagan Randhawa, Starring Piya na ja fame Kashika Patiyal.

Video has been shot in beautiful surroundings of Himachal and Punjab.

Its a Hindi video song and  is out on Youtube, with quality Music by the young generation. We can see a shining future of Music industry in State. Looking undoubtedly for the success of “VASL”. You can click on the Youtube link to enjoy the music video.


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