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‘Soch’ a new entry to short film trend in Himachal

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Till now, Himachal remain untouched from filmmaking but now all of sudden, a gang of filmmakers either living in Himachal or returned from metro cities have stepped in. As a result to that, many short films are being produced in Himachal. We have already seen ‘Machis Hai Kya’ making it to different film festivals and winning best short film award in two festivals, and now there are many other films to be released soon. ‘Soch’ is one more film entry in this category of short films.

Directed by Peeyush Chauhan and produced by Frozen Hill Production, the film seems to be a love story as it looks from the teaser. The producer or director have not share any more details about the film yet. May with the release of the film, there will be some more clarity about the story or genre of the film. But till then we have to wait.

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