Zaalima The Pahari Project By Lalit Singh – Teaser

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After a huge success of Taantra and Dhattu, Pahari project has come up with their new song “Zaalima”.

Zaalima is the third single from The Pahari Project Produced by Lalit Singh. After the huge success of Dhattu and Taantra, The Pahari Project is coming up with a Love Song this time. Lyrically its a fusion of Urdu, Hindi and Pahari which makes it a versatile composition. Musically its a fusion of Pop And ambiance with some Tabla beats in it.


Zaalima is a song about a guy who is waiting in vain for his Other Half. He knows they can never be together but he does not want to accept it because if he does then there’s nothing left to live for. This song is all about his madness for love and patience. The emotion in this song is very powerful and unconditional. The song will make you fall in love with its atmosphere, soulful melody and poetic lyrics.  The only word which describes the real pain of the lover is the title itself “Zaalima”.

Lyrics/Vocals/Music by Lalit Singh. The teaser is already out on Youtube and attracting many viewers.

The complete Song is releasing soon. The video is coming out next month with RCH films. The Pahari Project is an Effort by Lalit Singh to introduce a new kind of musical approach in Himachal Pradesh and to promote Himachali Music talent all around the globe. We congratulate the entire team of Pahari Project for their immense work towards Pahari culture. Help them in this revolution by sharing the song.

This is the link for the Pahari project

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